You might know a lot about me from my about me page – but in here, you’ll quickly learn what I am all about, what drives me to do what I do, and what it is I do after all!

Comfortable Lifestyle with the Help of the Internet

I have always been around computers and I got really curious is it possible to make money online and how to actually make a full-time income with the help of the internet.

Therefore, I am all about making money online and living life on my own terms. I know it sounds like a cliche, but it’s something that’s very do-able – even though a lot of people don’t even realize it.

I utilize the internet, software, technology, and digital marketing skills to live a comfortable lifestyle without financial pressure.

Niches I Write About

When I started out as a writer, I wrote about almost anything there is. You name it.

However, as I developed my skills further and gained expertise in certain industries, I’ve niched down to a couple of topics.

And as you could see on the homepage, I mostly only cover these topics as that’s where my writing skills excel.

Therefore, you can find me working from local coffee shops, learning and improving on a daily basis to improve and provide more value through my services.

Do I Only Write Content?

I write a kick-ass content that will get help your company stand out from the “generic” landing pages and blog posts as you focus on the rest of your business. I don’t only write for humans, but I also write posts that are fully optimized and yet have an intent behind them.

That’s why I love working with clients one-on-one to really find out what it is they’re lacking and how my skills could become an investment that will improve their business.

Therefore, I don’t only write content.

I take content seriously and I work with clients to tailor a custom plan and write ideal content that will resonate with their audience, their services, or their products.

I always keep a sight on the bigger picture and think of ways to add value!

Do you have any questions? Feel free to leave them HERE or you can check out my samples.