Straight Automation Benefits

Automate your site

How much time do you spend working on your site?

Would you like to have 80% of your site automated so you can free up some time for yourself or other activities?

Find out who your competitors are and how to outrank them

Creating valuable content is great, but what if it doesn't reach the necessary audience?

What do you do when it comes down to your competition? Find out who your competitors are and how to outrank them with content & on-site optimization.

Free up your time

Not only you will get a quality & valuable content that will be a voice to your site/brand, but you will get free time to work on other projects while you benefit from the Straight Automation.


Are you just starting out and you have plenty of questions but no one to ask?

I could provide 1-on-1 consulting and knowledgeable advice that will help you grasp the idea of running your own site efficiently.

Choose the perfect plan

Depending on your site (or a number of sites you own), choose a plan that will cover all your needs and fully automate your site’s content.



Per month

  • Analysis of Existing Content
  • Site Analysis
  • Niche & Keyword Research
  • Content Plan Creation
  • Content Writing (6,000 Words)
  • Content Management
  • On-Site Content Optimization



Per month

  • Everything From Starter
  • 16,000 Words
  • Social Media Management



Per month

  • Everything from Premium
  • 24,000 words
  • Personal Consultation (up to 4 video calls)
  • On-Page SEO Optimization
  • Graphic Design (Up to 10 Images)