Content When You Need it the most

Get a fresh dose of content for your site on a monthly basis with an option to completely automate the process from analysis & research to content creation, and all the way to publishing.

Dario was a great help in the market research process and also did an awesome job putting a content strategy in place which did not only help to find more qualified leads but he also incorporated very good SEO measures which lead to an improved ranking of my website as well.
Patrick Böhm
Online Marketing Consultant

Content & site Analysis

Not sure how your content is performing? You aren’t satisfied with your rankings?

Get your site and content analyzed, either as a one-time solution or on a monthly basis. You can get your analysis delivered at the end of the month so you can understand what works and what doesn’t.



You might be a great writer but you don’t know what to write about or how to acquire desired rankings?

Let me help you utilize a market and keywords research to come up with a content plan that is ideal for your site and industry.

Note: The Research package works very well in combination with the Content & Site Analysis package.

Content creation

Content is king as they say and you need fresh content for your blog.

Review my samples, tell me more about your content needs, and choose between 3 different monthly packages that would fit your needs. Sit back and relax without worrying about writing content.


Straight automation Deal

Content Analysis

Not sure how well is your content performing and where should you take it from there?

I can analyze the existing content, suggest & do content upgrades, and also come up with a strategy to improve existing posts while working on new posts.

Content Plan Creation

Do you feel like there's just so much time in a day and that you can't have everything under control?

With content plan creation, I could provide a regular monthly or annually content plan for your site, so if you aren't a creative person - you won't have to spend time thinking about the next possible topics.

Content Management

Research and writing can take plenty of time, and then there's proofreading, editing, and everything else necessary to polish the post before hitting the publish button.

I can directly work & write within your site to produce & polish content, so all you need to do is hit the publish button if you're happy with the work (or ask for a revision).


Do you know how to target the right audience and gain exposure to organic traffic?

I can do niche & keyword research to help you find a way to reach your desired audience, and even come up with new ideas for your upcoming content.

Content Creation

Struggling to write content or you're dealing with content that isn't performing as expected?

I can write content that will:

- be a voice your brand needs
- offer value to your readers
- convert well

On-Site Optimization

Content is king as they say, but so is the on-page SEO optimization - especially if you're looking to get your site indexed, gain rankings, and drive organic traffic.

I can do basic on-page optimization for site and content to ensure your SEO game is on point and that the fresh content performs well.

How Valuable is your time to you?

Straight Automation Deal is a service package that includes about 6 services and is a monthly investment that saves you time and keeps your site rolling.