The Internet removes the personal contact, and the sad thing is that that’s how it is. However, if you’re thinking that there’s nothing you can do about it – you’re wrong.

There is a number of things you can do to make sure you bring trust and reliability to your online relationship, whether it’s with people or clients.

Many eCommerce stores are struggling to increase their conversion rate. But form what I see, is that many of them are overlooking the actual problem and are going for different alternatives that just might not cut it.

Increasing the conversion rate without having to increase traffic is a dream of many eCommerce and online service providers. But do you know what does it take to actually achieve it?

It’s all about working with the existing traffic and one key thing that many people overlook.

Grab a cup of coffee and dig deep into the article to find out what is that one key thing. Trust me, you don’t want to miss it.

The Missing Link

The first thought people have when they don’t see the number of conversions they’d expect is that something is missing.

Even though that’s not necessarily true.

A lot of people start taking immediate action and make changes thinking that the key lies the testing. When in reality, that’s overlooking the actual problems.

But what might be the actual cause? No, it’s not design, site speed, SEO, or any other factor.

Although sometimes,  these problems might be the actual problem for a specific store. But for people who are looking to increase the conversion rate without bringing extra traffic, I am sure they don’t have these problems.

The one thing that’s definitely missing is probably personality and personalization. How trustable are you? What’s your first impression on the customers? How personal are you in the emails? (Are you even doing emails?).

It’s all about offering the customers and clients exactly what they’re looking for. Don’t overwhelm them, yet make their stay on your site as comfortable and easy – making yourself very reliable and trustable by showing a great side of your brand’s personality.

While it can be tricky to stand out in a digital world, there are some clever things you could do to make yourself different (and more attractive). As you probably know by now, personality matters since there’s no human contact.

Trust the Data

Now you know that you don’t need to make a number of changes, yet you need to take your existing traffic seriously and provide as much as you can – you have to work with the data.

Data is really helpful because it gives an angle of your existing traffic which you can later use to offer personalized content.

The personalized website experience is important, and unless you know every customer that comes to your site (and you probably don’t), you need to use data as your lead.

Data can tell you anything from how often your customers are making a purchase, what’s going well, what is their AOV, what campaigns are working, what’s not working so well, and a bunch of other useful stuff.

Therefore, embrace data and learn how to use it in order to personalize your store to improve it so you are able to give your customers exactly what they’re looking for. This will also help you immediately out-beat your competition too, so it’s a big plus.

Personalization and Optimization

There are many ways to achieve so, but here are the best ones you could use to increase the conversion rate from the traffic you’re already getting.

Personalized Website Experience

Creating a personalized website experience is key. It won’t only make you stand out, but it will help users to have their purchase history, and it will make you look like a more trustable source.

Providing a personalized experience to shoppers has also a few hidden benefits such as improving customer relationships and converting the warm leads into customers.

Provide Answers to Customers

On the other hand, it’s important that customers get answers quickly.

Shopping online is meant to be convenient, so make sure your customers don’t feel it is any other way. Make sure that your store is easy to navigate and that your customers aren’t wasting their time traveling through your listed products.

Another tip would be to let your customers ask questions.

The FAQ is useful, but it won’t be able to solve all their problems and questions.

Make sure you don’t only add a business phone. People nowadays like to communicate through messages, and that’s something you should offer (in case you aren’t offering already).

User-Generated Content

User-generated content is another way to go. If you’re trying to build trust and reputation for your store, there’s no better way to achieve it.

People who shop online are most likely looking for reviews and feedback from other people, and will always trust other customers first than trusting a store (if you are not a well-known brand).

That’s just the way online shopping works.

Optimizing the way you display your content is as important as giving the ability to customers to post their own content related to your store/brand.

You can even create your own reviews and rating system which potential customers will see once they browse through your products. It’s definitely something that will help build trust and eventually increase the conversion rate.

Check-Out Optimization

Throughout your sales funnel, a check-out page is the most crucial element. Simply think of it as a page that will determine whether or not you will close the sale.

Something goes wrong on your check-out page and users might back out at the last moment. But at the same time, the check-out page is probably a number one reason for the high cart abandonment rate.

For example, people don’t like to see extra high costs at the end of their shopping experience. Instead, display the extra costs right on time, even before the customers add the items to their cart.

The check-out page is one of the biggest problems preventing you from increasing the conversion rate, and that’s why you should take every page of your store seriously.


In 2018, it’s important to think forward and to think about your customers. Prioritize your customer’s experience and make sure you anticipate their needs and expectations.

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer and visit your store.

Set yourself in the mind of a customer. Think about the things that your customers are looking for, and what makes them purchase something.

Such a mindset and personalization will help you to make the adjustments and changes that will eventually lead to an increase in conversion rate without increasing your traffic at all.

That’s just one of the things Kissmetrics Blog has stated in their post.

It’s important to do the most you can with the things you have.

So what sounds better: a store that is personalized to customer’s experience with less traffic or a store full of traffic that isn’t optimized for them?

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