It can be hard to find the right table tennis racket, especially since there are so many rackets out there.

However, you should follow my guide where you will learn what to look out for when choosing a personal table tennis racket for yourself.

Branded table tennis rackets which are already assembled might be a good choice for a beginner, intermediate, and even more advanced players.

In this post, I will review Killerspin JET800 table tennis paddle, which is the latest racket from the Killerspin lineup.

Highlighted Features

The name of the brand is telling you exactly which players will their rackets be good for.

Killerspin brand produces table tennis rackets with one of the best spins out there, and they are the rackets that are suitable for offensive players who use a lot of spins.

Racket Blade

Blade of the Killerspin JET800 is made out of 7-ply wood which has 2 additional carbon layers added.

Carbon layers help increase the power of the paddle, while giving it a better control and precision. Also, the racket will weigh less than other rackets who use 7-ply wood.

Blade still offers a lot of power and speed, while it maintains the control for better precision.

It might seem that there’s no tape on the side which helps save and prolong the life of the wood and sponge in between the rubber. But if you look at the racket closely, you will see that the Killerspin JET800 comes with a wooden tape-integrated on the side of the blade.

It looks classy, and it’s not something you will see by other manufacturers.

But Killerspin JET800 isn’t about the looks since each feature has its purpose.

Racket Rubber

Killerspin JET800 comes with premium Nitrx-4Z 2.0mm rubbers on both sides.

Nitrx-4Z rubbers in combination with the 7-ply wood and 2 carbon layers blade is a powerful combination which creates a powerful table tennis racket.

Both rubbers are approved by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation), which means that you will be able to play at any tournament with Killerspin JET800.


Killerspin JET800 is the latest racket in the Killerspin lineup.

It’s made for aggressive play style, and offensive players who spin balls a lot, will benefit by using this racket.

Performance of Killerspin JET800:

  • Speed – 9.5
  • Control – 8.0
  • Spin – 9.0

Killerspin JET800 has a flared handle which will provide you a comfortable grip even during the most intense table tennis matches.


Killerspin JET800 comes with a memory book where you will be able to write your favorite match stats, collect signatures from your favorite players, but also write down and keep track of anything you like.

A memory book will also protect and keep your racket safe. It does the job of a racket bag. It will protect your racket from the dust, scratches, and any unwanted damage when you aren’t using it.

There’s also a 30-day warranty, so if you experience any problems during first 30 days, you will be able to return the racket and get a full refund.


  • Powerful performance rubber
  • Blade with 2 layers of carbon, which is ergonomically shaped
  • ITTF approved rubber
  • High-end technology used to produce the racket
  • Mebook/bag/ bag
  • Price


  • Racket is still on a heavy side even it has 2 layers of carbon
  • Rubber might not be glued properly by the manufacturers so it might fall off after a few months of playing


The price of the racket is really reasonable, and the racket is really well made with a purpose to improve the player’s games.

It won’t make you a better player right away, however, it will definitely help you improve your movements, skill, and shots.

In my opinion, the racket is definitely worth the price, and I would recommend it to beginners or intermediate players. Even advanced players will benefit with this racket.

This is one of the best table tennis rackets on the market for the price, but make sure that you understand that this is not the professional racket.

What racket do you use currently? Do you think Killerspin JET800 will be an improvement for you?

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